The Critical Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Higher Education


  • Mohamed TAIBI Mohammed I University, Faculty of Letters & Human Sciences, Oujda, Morocco


Mots-clés :

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Higher education (HE), ChatGPT, Microsoft Office, Google Search


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already earned its deserved respect in academic research, and researchers have been taking interest in how to use it to enhance many domains, namely education. Within this scope of the emergence of AI and its multiple uses in the field of education, this paper holds as an objective emphasizing the critical role of AI in higher education through exhibiting a sample of its uses. The inquiry conducted in this study about AI and its role in enhancing higher education begins with theoretical illuminations and investigation in real-life experiences with field research through a questionnaire that is designed to provide quantitative data. This field research is based on the responses of 83 participants, all of whom study or teach at one of the institutions of higher education in the Orient of Morocco. The results of this enquiry reveal that the participants in this study already use AI in their higher education, but only few of them are aware of it. Through the post-results discussion and in connection with relevant points taken from different references, AI-powered tools are found to be already integrated in education. Not to be left behind while the world is advancing towards new technologies, it is recommended that AI should have its due attention as there is an emerging race towards developing this newly uprising technology by pioneering companies and developed countries. 




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TAIBI , M. (2024). The Critical Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Higher Education. Innovation, Technologies, Education Et Communication, (7).